Vesna Mišković-Stanković




Prof. Vesna Mišković-Stanković

Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy,UniversityofBelgrade                      

Address: Karnegijeva 4, P.O.B.3503,Belgrade,Serbia

Tel: +381 11 3303 687

Fax: +381 11 3370 387

mob: +38164 1179155                                                                     



The main research interest is the kinetics and mechanism of electrophoretic deposition of organic coatings and the effect of deposition parameters on their protective properties against corrosion; the kinetics and mechanism of electrophoretic deposition of ceramic coatings; the kinetics and mechanism of electrophoretic deposition of bioceramic  coatings – hydroxyapatite and composite hydroxyapatite coatings with lignin, chitosan, graphene, silver nanoparticles and gentamicine for biomedical applications and their physico-chemical properties, cytotoxicity, antimicrobial activity and bioactivity; electrochemical synthesis of composite polymer hydrogels with silver nanoparticles. Prof. Mišković-Stanković is author of 8 textbooks, 1 scientific monograph, 8 chapters in scientific monographs, 133 scientific papers in SCI journals and 40 in national journals, 277 conference papers (174 international and 103 national), 1 patent and 4 patent applications, and more than 40 invited talks. She was a Visiting Professor at the University of Trento (Italy), Shandong University, Jinan (China), Ohio University (USA), Laval University, Quebec (Canada), Kyung Hee University, Seoul (South Korea).


Selected publications

  • Milena Stevanović, Marija Đošić, Ana Janković, Vesna Kojić, Maja Vukašinović-Sekulić, Jovica Stojanović, Jadranka Odović, Milkica Crevar Sakač, Kyong Yop Rhee, Vesna Mišković-Stanković,  Gentamicin-loaded bioactive hydroxyapatite/chitosan composite coating electrodeposited on titanium, ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. 4, 12 (2018) 3994–4007.
  • Marija Đošić, Sanja Eraković, Ana Janković,  Maja Vukašinović-Sekulić, Ivana Z. Matić, Jovica Stojanović, Kyong Yop Rhee, Vesna Mišković-Stanković,  In vitro investigation of electrophoretically deposited bioactive hydroxyapatite/chitosan coatings reinforced by graphene, J. Ind. Eng. Chem. 47 (2017) 336-347.
  • Ana Janković, Sanja Eraković, Miodrag Mitrić, Ivana Z. Matić, Zorica D. Juranić, Gary C.P. Tsui, Chak-yin Tang, Vesna Mišković-Stanković, Kyong Yop Rhee, Soo Jin Park, „Bioactive Hydroxyapatite/Graphene Composite Coating and Its Corrosion Stability in Simulated Body Fluid”, J. Alloy. Compd. 624 (2015) 148–157.