Laboratory: Laboratory of Engineering and Materials Science (France) - LISM (Reims University)

Address: LISM UFR SEN,Campus Moulin de la Housse, Batiment 6, BP1039, 51687 Reims Cedex 2




My research work concerns the elaboration and the characterization of Biomaterials used for Bone Filling and for Prosthetic Coatings : Hydroxyapatite and Bioactive Glasses. These biomaterials are produced by using the  Sol-Gel process. I started working in EPD in 2010. My goal in EPD is to obtain coatings, on metallic substrates, which cannot be produced by others coatings techniques (Electrodeposition, Plasme Torch…). We elaborated nano-hydroxyapatite and bioactive glasses (58S and 45S5) coatings on the Ti6Al4V alloy preliminary treated by alumina projection. We used also EPD to produce prosthetic coatings on the Ti6Al4V alloy preliminary nanostructured in surface by the Surface Mechanical Attrition treatment. We can make a post EPD thermal treatment at high temperature (until 1000°C) by using a furnace under Controlled Atmosphere. Physico-chemical and Biological « in-vitro » characterization are performed by conventional techniques : SEM, EDXS, DRX, FTIR. Mechanical characterization of the EPD coatings concern their fragility and their wear resistance. The coating fragility, especially its resistance to cracking and that of the interface with the substrate, is studied by nanoindentation from the usual mechanical characteristics (Young's modulus, hardness, toughness ...). The adhesion of the EPD coatings to the metallic substrate is studied from scratch test performed by nanoindentation.


Selected Publications

  • H. Dhiflaoui, N. Ben Jaber, F. Simescu-Lazar, J. Fauré, A. Ben Cheikh Larbi, H. Benhayoune, « Effect of annealing temperature on the structural and mechanical properties of coatings prepared by electrophoretic deposition of TiO2 nanoparticles », Thin Solid Films, 638, 201–212, 2017

  •   J Fauré, R Drevet, N Ben Jaber, S Potiron, C Demangel, D Retraint and H Benhayoune « Electrophoretic deposition of hydroxyapatite and 58S bioactive glass coatings on the Ti6Al4V alloy subjected to Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment » Key Engineering Materials, 654, 149-153, 2015
  •  R. Drevet, N. Ben Jaber, J. Fauré, A. Tara,  A. Ben Cheikh Larbi, H. Benhayoune « Electrophoretic deposition (EPD) of nano-hydroxyapatite coatings with improved mechanical properties on prosthetic Ti6Al4V substrates » Surface and Coatings Technology, 301, 94–99, 2016