(email: claudine.filiatre@univ-fcomte.fr)


Laboratory: Institut UTINAM – UMR CNRS 6213 –University  Bourgogne Franche-Comté

16 Route de Gray, Bât C, 25030 Besançon cedex, France


My research interests mainly concern the modification and the characterisation of colloids surface chemistry, the characterization of suspensions (rheology), the polyelectrolyte adsorption and the control of interactions between molecules, particles and substrates in order to realize multifunctional materials. I designed a specific apparatus to transport particles toward a conductive substrate in a laminar flow cell and to study in situ and in real time their electrophoretic deposition. Different types of particles are used: organic, inorganic and raspberry-like particles (silica nanoparticles on submicronic polymer particles) functionalized with surfactant or with a layer by layer polyelectrolyte assembly. The effects of different parameters are investigated: applied potential, fluid flow, pH, surfactant counter-ions, type and number of polyelectrolyte layers, nature of particles and substrate. We showed that migration of particles to the polarized substrate in the laminar flow cell is driven by the electrophoretic force, that the type of surfactant counter-ion has an influence on particle velocity near the electrode and on their assembly and also that the increase of electrode/solution interfacial pH near the cathode during EPD is a key parameter which influences the reversibility  of particle deposition. Another specific apparatus, based on fixed-angle laser reflectometry, is used to follow the build-up of the polyelectrolyte multilayer (layer by layer) or the electrophoretic deposition of nanometric particles in an impinging jet cell


Selected publications

  • C. FILIATRE, L. TOWARNICKI, F. MANGE, A. FOISSY A parallel plate flow cell for the investigation of the role surfactants in the codeposition of polymer particles in nickel electroplating. Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, (1999), 29, 1393-1400

  • C.PIGNOLET, C.FILIATRE, A.FOISSY, Influence of surfactant counterions during electrophoretic particle deposition, Langmuir, 24(18), (2008), 10181-10186.

  • C. Dange-Delbaere, C.C. Buron, M. Euvrard, C. Filiâtre, Stability and cathodic electrophoretic deposition of polystyrene particles pre-coated with chitosan-alginate multilayer, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 493 (2016), 1-8