(email: carmen.galassi@istec.cnr.it)


Laboratory: CNR – ISTEC National Research Council of Italy

Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics (Italy)

Address: I-48018 Faenza Italy, via Granarolo, 64 

Phone: + 39 0546 699750



Research  activities of Carmen Galassi cover the areas of  Materials Science and  ceramic processing. Main fields of expertise are powder treatments, shaping techniques and characterization, including  colloid chemistry and rheology. The research focus has recently been shifted to the synthesis, shaping and densification of piezoceramic materials and their functional characterization, including components’ performance. The work carried out at ISTEC-CNR addresses both fundamental aspects and technological applications of EPD. Mass transport and deposition kinetics are investigated by correlating the amount of deposited material to the deposition time. Electrical transient analysis provides information on film growth and charge-to-deposited mass correlation. Rheological and electroacoustical characterization provide the values of key suspension parameters, such as particle size distribution, zeta potential and dynamic viscosity. This knowledge is used to improve formulations and to establish fundamental correlations between colloidal parameters, deposition kinetics and electrical regime of the cell. Morphological, chemical and structural characterization of both green and sintered deposits provide information on their suitability for intended applications. Applied research (2) addresses the development of tailored coatings for partners or contractors who wish to assess the potential of the technique, identifying strengths and weaknesses of specific substrate/coating structures.


Selected publications

  • C. BALDISSERRI, D. GARDINI, C. GALASSI A Controlled Colloidal Destabilization Approach for the Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) from Cobalt Ferrite and Magnetite Nanoparticles Suspensions in Diethylene Glycol, Key Eng.  Mat., 507 (2012) 85-88.
  • C. BALDISSERRI, D. GARDINI, C. GALASSI Sharp Silicon/Lead Zirconate Titanate Interfaces by Electrophoretic Deposition on Bare Silicon Wafers and Post-Deposition Sintering  Sens. Act.: A. Physical 174 (2012) 123–132.
  • C. BALDISSERRI, D. GARDINI and C. GALASSI Analysis of Current Transients during Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) from Colloidal TiO2 Suspensions  J. Coll. Inter. Sci. 347 (2010) 102–111