(email: gregorio.vargas@cinvestav.edu.mx)


Professor of Ceramic Engineering Group, CINVESTAV-Saltillo (Mexico)

Personal web page: http://www.cinvestav.edu.mx/saltillo/indexbaner.html


I have been involved in EPD since 2000 working on coatings for biomedical and thermal barrier applications. My goal is to develop new products and new processes based on EPD enhanced processes and nanomaterials suitables for transfer to production and market environments. I am now working on nanocomposite coatings for wear resistance and fuel cell applications using reverse pulsed dc under ultrasonic fields. Another new area of interest is the use of environment-friendly processes like the use of reversed microemulsions.  I am co-author of 20 granted patens and 8 pending in USA, England, Japan & Mexico; among them 5 pending patents related to EPD.


Selected publications


  • P. Mondragón-Cortés, G. Vargas-Gutiérrez.“Electrophoretic deposition of hydroxyapatite submicron particles at high voltages” Materials Letters, 58(2004) 1336-1339.
  • G. Vargas, P. Mondragón, G. García, H. H. Rodríguez, A. Chávez, D.A. Cortés. “EPD-Sintering of hydroxyapatite, porcelain and wollastonite on 316L stainless steel,  Key Engineering Materials Vol. 314 (July 2006) pp. 263-268.
  • Chavez-Valdez, A. Arizmendi-Morquecho, G. Vargas, J.M. Almanza,  J. Alvarez-Quintana Ultra-low thermal conductivity thermal barrier coating from recycled fly-ash cenospheres Acta Materialia 59(2011), 2556-2562