(email: n.j.m.van.leth@philips.com)


Laboratory: Royal Philips

Address: HTC 7 3 A 022



In the electronics industry like at Royal Philips, EPD has a long history dating back as far 1930. Starting myself in a galvanic branch of former mentioned company I got involved in EPD from 1999 onwards at that time within the former Philips Display Components division.  Developing EPD processes suitable for transfer to a production environment is my main work field. Having to deal with a variety of different process, each with their own characteristics is interesting and challenging. This also includes the pre and post treatment of the substrates that are to be coated using an EPD process. One aspect of its attractiveness in the industry is a high material efficiency. Whereas working with flammable solvents require special safety precautions. Often EPD is tested and selected because of the superior layer properties it can deliver, like for example the high particle packing density and low binder content, all contributing to making EPD an interesting and challenging work field.


Selected publications

  • Hamaker's Law and Throwpower in Deposition of Nano-sized Alumina Particles by G. J. Verhoeckx and N. J. M. van Leth.